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Our Features

Resource Management

Assign guides, vehicles or any custom resource to your tours and share them instantly with others within your company.

Bookings Aggregation

Connect your reservation system to Wayop and start managing your bookings in minutes. Add comments, statuses or any other custom information to your tours.

Granular User Access

Stop sending Excel exports or screenshots to your guides and start giving them real time access to the tours they have been assigned to, directly from Wayop!

Easy Search

Find any tour, booking or customer information through an instant search!

You can even call or send your customers emails in one click from the Wayop app.

Advanced Notifications

Wayop's system sends you a notification every time a new booking is received or a change to a booking has been made in Bokun.

Automated Operations

From managing your passenger pick-up / drop-off list to invoicing your customers, Wayop helps you every step of the way.

We integrated to your favorite Online Booking Software.

Stop copy/pasting your bookings from Bokun into a spreadsheet and start using Wayop!  

Wayop aggregates automatically all your bookings in a single place and offers a simple yet customizable interface to handle resources (guides, 4x4, ATVs...), add comments and bespoke statuses in order to efficiently manage your tours.

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Advanced Reporting

Get instant access to your total sales, commissions, number of customers, number of tours and much more.

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